The 16th China Expo reviews our Mohist honors and outstanding logistics equipment vendors, etc.(China)


The 2021 16th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Expo closed successfully on September 25. Mohist Technology is honored to be selected as the "Top 10 Smart Logistics Equipment" and "Excellent Logistics Equipment Supplier" and other honors.

Mohist Technology-the pioneer of plus or minus 1 mm measurement accuracy

Mohist Technology was established in 2017. After more than 2 years of in-depth research and development, it was the first to define ±1mm high-precision volume measurement technology in October 2019. The technology is the world’s leading technology and has received various investment supports from multiple investment institutions. In two years, we have served more than 300 large and medium-sized cross-border logistics/e-commerce/supply chain companies in the industry, such as China Post, Yuntu Logistics, Jiacheng International, Yuanfeihang Logistics, First Generation International, E-Export, Wanbang Suda, Shangyi International, Vietnam Airlines Logistics, Wynn Octopus, SHEIN, BYD, Lianyu Logistics, Yinghe Logistics, Yangcheng International, Bofeng E-commerce Logistics, Panyuan International, Jinlian International, Sinotrans and other industry leaders or benchmarks For sexual enterprises, technical solutions are exported to Hong Kong and overseas markets and have won unanimous praise from the market and corporate users.

Technology leads the industry, wonderful presentation

Visitors are constantly coming. Mojia Technology has become one of the most popular booths at the expo, with a daily reception of more than 100 people/time. Mohist Technology’s staff share the technical information in detail with every intentional customer in the most enthusiastic and full state. Answers and exchanges with visitors one by one.

Mr. Yao Jiehui, the co-founder of Mohist Technology, accepted a live media interview to share Mojia’s core technologies and industry hotspots.

Create value and look to the future

Mohist Technology will adhere to the service concept of "creating value for customers", continuously optimize its core technology, empower the international logistics industry, and provide quality services and solutions to more customers around the world.

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